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Can I Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card?

We all can choose various payment options with regards to bitcoin. One of them is a debit card. Thankfully, you won’t have to ask Can I buy bitcoin with debit card too often. There are some websites that allow you to use your debit card. Due to how popular bitcoin is, there are a lot of websites about it. There are some exchanges who don’t appreciate getting scammed though. As a result, they don’t accept cards as a means of payment so they say no to credit cards and debit cards. You can’t really blame them for doing that though since they want to make sure. They have all the right to since they dictate all the rules they want. Good thing, there are some websites like Coinmama and Coinbase accept debit cards. It is possible you are going to have to provide personal information if you want to get through though. For example, Coinbase requires you to upload a government issued ID before doing any debit card transactions. That means a driver license or other IDs that are related with the government. This website has been around for quite a while so you can rely on the transactions to run smoothly. In addition, you can’t expect you to get what you want immediately. They would need to verify your card and that would take a while. That is normal so you can’t get mad at them for doing that. They just want to make sure and you would do the same thing if you were in their position.

Just like any other bitcoin websites, coinbase has some fees and it is not that much. Yes, their fees are pretty low compared to their competitors. They would not want to let you down though. Coinmama is not available in many countries in the US though. Thus, you may need to double check if your state is one of the states it is available in. It won’t take you long to do that though. The company is respected no matter where you are in the US. If you talk to bitcoin enthusiasts, there is a pretty good chance they know what the website is all about. That is definitely good news because you would want to deal with a well-renowned company. That would be better to deal with a company that is pretty new to the industry since you won’t know what they bring to the table. On the other hand, you know a company won’t last long if they are not that good. eToro is another website where you can use your debit card. It won’t matter if you are new to bitcoin as this website is friendly to beginners. You won’t get confused as to how everything works at all. In fact, you will know what to do immediately as the website is designed for people who are not that familiar with Bitcoin. When you want to get into it, this is definitely the website to go to and you won’t regret it.